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In 2019, established restaurateurs Ernesto and Amy Peralta began designing a restaurant concept within the niche industry of breakfast cereal bars. They utilized over 25 years of combined experience in the industry to successfully launch cerealphoria, Phoenix’s most popular cereal bar. cerealphoria offers a vast menu of fun treats like milkshakes, parfaits, and sundaes – all created with one common element: cereal! Customers can choose from any of our signature recipes or design their own creation to their liking! cerealphoria’s mission is to provide patrons with an exciting experience through innovative menu items that incorporate the cereals you love! In just one year, demand for more cerealphoria locations led Ernesto and Amy to franchise their beloved concept to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to operate a cereal bar under one of the hottest brands in the industry!


cerealphoria is quick and fun

Our concept is all about making cereal fun and delicious to eat! Whether you’re looking to shake up your morning routine or are looking for a quick fuel up between errands, cerealphoria is the perfect go-to for a tasty treat!

we have all the cereals

cerealphoria boasts an expansive menu of over 25 different kinds of cereals, from classic brands like Frosted Flakes to newer cereals like Llama Loops. When you’re at cerealphoria, there are virtually unlimited combinations to make!

more milk than a dairy farm

Everyone has their preference when it comes to the milk they eat cereal with. That’s why cerealphoria offers 10 different kinds of milk! Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, or just watching your calories, you can still enjoy your cerealphoria treats!

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